About Us:





BSc (Geology Chemistry) degree (with Business and Computer Science electives)


Animal Sciences Diploma


Currently — UNB Bachelor of Business Administration (3/4 completed) +                                        Online Accounting Diploma (nearly completed)




Work Experience:


NB Dept. of Natural Resources (Databases Design & Implementation, Resource Administration, Special Projects) - on & off for 13 years


Retail Business Owner (Sales, Accounting/Bookkeeping, HST Returns, Income Tax Returns, Web Design & E-Commerce Website Management, Teaching Sewing, Custom Clothing, Painting, etc.) - 15+  years


Office Administrator (Accounting/Bookkeeping, Income Tax & Government Returns, Office Management) - Part Time/Full Time  20+ years


Service Business Owner (Website Design (Including E-commerce Websites) & Hosting, Accounting/Bookkeeping, Income Tax Returns, Payroll, and HST Returns for clients) - 8 years under business name & 4+ years under personal name




About Tax Preparation:

I prepare all tax returns using a tax software program.  I have used this program for a number of years and it works great.  If you have RRSPs, Medical Expenses, Tuition Fees, Donations, Small Business or Rental Income, Investments, etc.  I can help you with your taxes!  I have experience with ALL of these— and more.  Also, if you are a married senior, I can help look after "income splitting" for you & your spouse. 


Once I have all the information in the tax program, you will be sent/shown a draft for you to look over.  Explanations will be provided for all “non standard” information added.  You will then have the opportunity to make any changes, additions.  Once you are happy, the return can be printed to mail to the government, or you can choose to send it electronically.   You can choose to have your copy e-mailed to you as a .pdf (to save a tree…), or to have it printed for your files.