Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):


Yes, that’s no problem at all.  The software I use will automatically split it to give the best refund.  I always double check it, to make sure it is the best split.

No.  This year, my business has not registered to collect taxes.  The price listed is all that you will pay.  Next year, that may change...

Yes, I can provide you with a receipt under my business name.  The receipt will say “Income Tax Preparation Assistance”. 

Do you charge Tax on top of the quoted prices?

Can you do income splitting for seniors?

Can I get a receipt?

Do I need to make an appointment?

Yes!  Please call or e-mail me to make arrangements to drop off or pick up your return.  I am very busy and am out frequently but I will make arrangements to be home any time that you require.

Will you answer my tax questions?

If I am preparing your taxes, feel free to ask any questions related to YOUR tax return.  If you are looking for answers to tax questions on behalf of a friend or family member or to help you to do your own taxes, I will charge a $10 fee per question; which is payable IN ADVANCE.  SORRY— I simply have answered too many questions for FREE and it has become too time consuming.  I cannot give up any more time (which could be used to prepare taxes) to answer questions.  I have been taken advantage of in the past and I simply can no longer “be nice” about it and just answer the questions.  I hope you understand...  

Can you do a tax return for a previous year?


Yes, BUT I may have to set up an online account, if I do not have enough “returns” for that year left over.  I may not be able to “buy” any additional returns once the tax season is over for other years.  I try to save a few extra every year, but I do sometimes run out.  If I have to create an account, you will need to pay for the “return” by credit card (paid to the online tax service provider) and I will only charge you for my time to help prepare it.