Please read ALL of the information listed here and follow the links to other information pages.  It is important that the proper information is sent.

             This year we will be providing assistance with the preparation of income tax returns (Personal, Rentals and Business) .  Here are the links to information that you need to know:

What do I send?

How do I send my information?

How much does it cost?

I have also responded to some FAQs.



TAX TIPS (BUSINESS) - includes self employment from delivering flyers, independent call center work, etc.


Options for the format of your Tax Return

You can choose any of the following formats:

· 2 copies printed

· 1 copy printed (for government) and 1 .pdf file e-mailed

· 1 copy printed + 1 netfiled government copy

· 1 .pdf file e-mailed + 1 netfiled government copy

The .pdf file can also be placed onto a CD/DVD upon request (see cost information for additional charge).

Please select your choice on the Tax Assistance Request Form mentioned in the “What do I Send” link above.


Payment options

· Cash

· Cheque

· Paypal (Debit/Credit Card)

· Bank Money Transfer



Income Tax